What began as a fun project during the covid pandemic with no real aspirations has now grown into something much more!

After collaborating on just one track and trying their luck with a few radio station DJs, found that their track “Mesmerise Me” gained some positive traction and has been played a number of times on the airwaves. After this the singer/Songwriter suggested taking the project to the next level to which the bass player and programmer enthusiastically agreed.

Since forming properly the musical duo has played numerous gigs in the Manchester area and have now started looking further afield.

The band are now signed with Pure Power Darkside Management and have big plans ahead with this new partnership

Meet The Band

The singer is a transgender woman named Yui who boasts a unique vocal ability, an extremely talented lyricist and all round musical prodigy who can play multiple instruments.

Ant has been playing bass for 27 years and has been in 3 unsigned Manchester bands. Ant recently began learning 6 string guitar during the second covid lockdown and found his passion for music revitalised. Other musical skills include programming drum loops and backing tracks.

Music Reviews

By Jane Howkins

This mix of cultures has allowed for DYSPEPSIA  to draw an amalgamation of different influences into their work, making for something that is very different to the normal, boring singer-songwriter stuff that has become so common. Haunting vocals are overlayed by a deep throbbing bassline and electronic swirls, showing that sometimes vocal subtlety mixed with powerful backing rhythms can be a very intriguing setup.