If you like your rock to be dark and ominous with an electronic punk pulse….
Chaos 8 are alternative/industrial rock  from north east England.

Beki Straughan – vocals
Paul Williams – guitar & keyboards James ‘Oz’ Bowey – BassSteven Naisbet – Drums.
Formed in 2012 in North East England, their debut album “Burn” was launched in 2014 and the second ‘Cause & Effect’ in 2016, which is also available on limited edition red vinyl.

Their first  EP ‘Out of Control’ was released in 2018 with “She Is Coming” released in 2019. Their latest EP “One Last Kiss” was released in 2021.

Their definitive hard driven guitar sound with dark swirling synths give you atmospheric textures that truly bring out brutal, beautiful and oppressive moods that encapsulate every single song. Razor sharp lyrics, “thunderous beats and mesmerising vocals, there really is no one else out there delivering anything else quite like Chaos 8… it’s not a musical event, it’s a communion”-