Hades Game are a hard rock band from the East Midlands. Operating as the tried-and-tested rock four-piece, the group is lead by vocalist and bassist George Stackhouse, followed closely by brothers Robin and Harry Mitchard on guitar and drums respectively and Kyle Stephenson on secondary guitar.

While Hades Game was officially formed in 2022, both the Mitchard brothers have been playing music together since childhood, so along with stellar playing ability from both individually, their unique musical bond shines through in every performance. Adding in Kyle’s lead guitar harmonies, nicely finished with George’s soaring vocals and driving basslines, makes Hades Game one of the simplest yet most satisfying hard rock setups out there.

For their music, the band approach their sound and style as what George describes as “containing a kick up the backside without being too abrasive”, in that the music “contains all the riffs and groove you could want” but “misses out on all the less desirable tropes that put a lot of people off.” They have cited Black Country Communion, Avenged Sevenfold, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and ’95 era Bon Jovi as their main musical influences.