Motor Raider are a band formed by Edd “Do It Yourself” Price, an
eccentric musician from the Tunbridge Wells and Kent Music Scene, they
are based in Kent, England.

They first came into the scene in 2020 with their self-titled EP “Motor
Raider” along with their music video for the single “Fire”
They then increased their foothold with their first full length album
entitled “Big Pit” an homage to the lead singer and guitarist Edds’
hometown of Brecon in Wales, GB.

At this point Motor Raider were doing very well with both international
and national radio airplay, including getting a following in Australia
where the song “Hotel Road” became a surprise hit, gaining a place in
many unsigned top 10 record charts.

It was at this point two of the original members left to pursue other
interests and the band was left with Edd and Paul “Just the Tip”
Rabbetts, the much loved and often teased drummer.
With the next EP looming Motor Raider got assistance from Graham
“Ghound” Swan on bass, it was at this point the band decided to become
a three piece, allowing for a tighter more streamlined, unique sound. A
sound reminiscent of other famous three pieces such as Muse, Cream and

The band has since gone on to perform around the UK at many festivals
and venues. They have released more music such as the 2021 spoken
word/acoustic EP “The Motor Raider Comedy Sketch Hour” and a
remastered album of their best hits “The Journey So Far”
Motor Raider is a compilation of thoughts, ideas, and creative output
that has been bubbling for the past 10 years, it’s a combination of
rock, comedy, protest, satire, and most important of all, it is
quintessentially British!