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Vulgate are a progressive Thrash/Death Metal band from the South east of the UK. Vulgate have quickly taken the UK underground by storm with their debut album “Waves” which was released in May 2015 and followed quickly by a tour of the UK.

Vulgate have also been featured in the May issue of Terrorizer, pushing forward with their crushing single “The One Who Knocks”

Vulgate take major influence form iconic Death / Thrash Metal outfits such as Death Cynic, testament and Carcass and incorporate with modern bands such as Sylosis, Revocation, Black Dahlia Murder and Gojira, which gives them their definitive sound of modern progressive Thrash / Death Metal. Vulgate have shared he stage with bands such as Xerath, Savage Messiah, mash Of Judas, Chapters, Furyborn, Meta-stasis, Wretched Soul ad many more

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