Andro joined Witchfynde as their bass guitarist in early 1975 and remained their bassist for five years until July 1980. This included recording their seminal album Give ‘Em Hell released in February 1980 which sold a thousand copies the first week of release. They also from January 1980 went on a successful tour supporting Def Leppard until the 1st March 1980. Unfortunately later that year in July after a gig in Wolverhampton, Andro and Witchfynde parted company for a number of reasons after recording 3 of the tracks for Witchfynde’s second album, Stage Fright. Andro went on to form his own band Malleus 3 days after leaving Witchfynde.

Andro started his band in 2019 after Andro had been urged to start a ‘Witchfynde’ band to bring his heritage back to audiences worldwide. He talked to various musicians in spring and summer 2019 and from this Andro Coulton’s version of Witchfynde was born. It was decided to originally call the band ‘Andro Coulton’s Give ‘Em Hell as it could lead to confusion as Witchfynde with two of the original members were still recording and performing mainly at festivals. However before starting Andro contacted Montalo who gave his blessing to Andro starting the band and offered any help he could give to the band. Gra was also contacted and said as long as Montalo was OK it was fine.

Andro Coulton’s Give ‘Em Hell’s first gig was at the British Steel Festival, Fismes, France, where they were a fantastic success with fans saying such things as, ‘I’ve listened to this music for 40 years but I never thought I would ever hear it live, thank you for coming to France’ It is our mission to replicate this reaction from as many people around the world as we can and GIVE ‘EM HELL! During the Covid lockdown 2020 a 40th anniversary new recording of the original single Give ‘Em Hell b/w Getting Heavy was released to massive airplay and has virtually sold out!

The band finished off 2023 with a very successful appearance at the Blast From The Past Festival Belgium with rave reviews and many, many new fans from all over Europe.

Andro Coulton’s Give ‘Em Hell are:-

Andro Coulton – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Shaz Coulton – Rhythm Guitar.

Dave Murray – Vocals.

James Lowe – Lead Guitar.

Dave Lee – Drums. em Hell