I lived a life of servitude…I bowed at your feet…did all you asked of me…how am I to
Human natures below you and your monolith…me myself and I…a stain erased from
Misophonia – literally hatred of sound, is a neurological disorder where
certain sounds trigger negative emotions and in extreme cases an
overbearing sense of nausea.
MisophoniA was founded in 2016 by Jay
(vocals/keys/guitars/programming) & Cristina (bass). Influencing on acts
such as Dark Tranquillity, paradise Lost, primordial & Satyricon their aim
was to create something dark and unique, but never wanting to be a
carbon copy of their influences & from here MisophoniA soon set out to
forge their own brand of ‘misophonic metal’.
With a full line-up in place by Autumn 2017, the band now focused their
energy on writing and perfecting a live set. After a successful start on the
local live circuit in late 2018/early 2019 and with multiple positive reviews
from peers and punters alike the band unfortunately lost 2 key members
and it was back to the drawing board.
Fortunately, before being thwarted by the Covid-19 pandemic the band
were lucky enough to have found new members in early 2020 prior to the
subsequent 2020/2021 lockdown. During this time the band managed to
remotely record and compile ‘New Beginnings’ an aptly titled
5 track EP. Originally put out as digital download only the band soon bit
the bullet and self-released the New Beginings – Extended Edition CD.
This featured the original 5 track EP along with Exposed i – a 6 track
home demo collection and Exposed ii a 3 track live EP.
In July 2021 the band were contacted by award winning digital media
company Comharra Solutions . This was to be a major turning point for
the band. Comharra wanted to use MisophoniA as a launch pad into the
music industry prior to the establishment of their own record label and
offered MisophoniA an all-expenses paid full production music video, as
well as full use of Comharra’s own digital multimedia suite and
companywide skill set…
Fast forward to April 2022 Misophonia now armed with an ultra–HD
Cinematic music video, a collection of outstanding artwork and some
amazing animations. released ‘El Silencio Sera Eterno’ and its
accompanying promo video and unbeknownst to us would launch the
band. What followed was a self-financed worldwide promotion campaign.
This saw the band receive extensive worldwide radio play, various
webzine features, and also saw the band offered multiple Record Deal
offers, including Art Gates Records, Planet K records and Sliptrick
Records of whom we signed our 2-year Record Deal with.
October 2022 saw the band release their Sliptrick Records debut, the
again aptly titled single ‘Sorrows of yesterday’

Misophonia are
Jay Ross – Vocals/keys/Guitars/programming,
Cristina Barroso – Bass,
Neil Dunnachie Guitars,
Jura Bryceland– Drums