Chaos Bleak are a post-goth band from Nottingham, hailed as“Black Sabbath for the gothic generation”We are a three piece comprising guitars, bass and vocals, using technology such as drum machines, sequencers and samples to create a sound drawing on influences as diverse as Play Dead, Killing Joke, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Hawkwind and Ministry.

Formed in early 2019 in a Hucknall pub by Trev and Piers from Arcane Winter we recruited Justin from 13 Candles and began writing and recording immediately.The first single Beneath the Moon was released, and performances at Shadow of The Castle and Goth City festivals that summer promoting the Transcendental Chaos EP.

Quickly establishing our heavy sound, Chaos Bleak went on to more festivals and gigs, two more EPs, The Bleakest Hour and Virus Shadow followed then the debut album A New Age of Darkness in 2021, which later was re-released in an extended format by Gothic World Records from Italy. We have garnered interest around the world, with airplay from the US to Puerto RicoChaos Bleak have built a following of like minded fans, and made inroads into other scenes by playing rock and metal festivals around the UK.

Keen to take our sound to more places, Chaos Bleak appeal to anyone of an alternative persuasion