Alice in Thunderland was formed in the summer of 1995 by four friends who shared a love and passion for rock and metal. From the first rehearsal they knew immediately the chemistry was right and so began the journey of the band which has seen them gigging around the UK supporting the likes of Blaze Bayley, Tim Ripper Owens, Blitkrieg, Tygers of Pan Tang, Skyclad and many superb unsigned bands and artistes.

 From the beginning it has always been about the music, the song writing, the drive to perform live and share our material.  “We love to play to new audiences and venues, the challenge and excitement of performing our music to as many fans as possible. There is no better feeling than to connect with your audience. We value all our fans, many have supported us right from the start and we consider them family.  During 2020 when everything was doom and gloom we knew people would need live music more than ever once everything opened up after the restrictions and it has been amazing to witness the audiences reactions.”

A.I.T. Are Kev Truelove bass guitar, vocals Kala Goodale-Truelove, guitarist Tony Dixon and drummer Stu Millington.


Alice in Thunderland

Till the end of time

Into The Darkest Night

Truth in the silence